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We have a clear vision of InsurTech Operations

Cyberinsurify operates on the simple principle that our clients’ interests are paramount for InsurTech Operations. From client helpdesk services, to technical assessments, risk assessments, policy handling, to handling claims, Cyberinsurify goes beyond the traditional ways to ensure results. We believe in offering a clear and transparent service to our clients need in today’s challenging environment and increasing regulatory complexity. The solutions and services we provide are based on our founder’s years of experience at the forefront of the Cyber Security and Insurance industry.


Assess Cyber Risk and Prioritize Your Risk Mitigations

Calculate the Cyber Risk Value with respect to the existing gaps and exposure to the risk. Create a prioritized Cyber Security Program action plan to address these gaps.

Continuous Quantification of Cyber Risks

Cyber risk managers continuously analyse and update an organization's security posture with the provided data, and the ongoing security program activities to fix the gaps.

Automated Reporting – CARA Score

Cyber Risk exposures continuously evolves with new integrations in business. CyberInsurify provides full-service cyber risk management as well as the chief risk-transfer reporting guide.

Optimize Your Cyber Insurance

CARA is a decision-support solution for Cyber Insurance Companies and Cyber Health Check for businesses. It provides the right score and data for obtaining the right policy from the insurance carrier.

CyberInsurify Delivers:

Expert Cyber Risk analysis
Reviewing existing Cyber Risks against emerging threats and mapping suitable coverage
Best Insurance Network
Established relationships with leading insurance underwriters
One-to-one contact
Access to a skilled and knowledgeable Cyber insurance advisor
Superior Cloud technology
Cutting-edge process to ensure a seamless activation and management

Our Cyber Review acts as a health check, giving you peace of mind that you have the right insurance at the right premium.There is no cost associated with a Cyber Review – we offer this service so that you can experience our added value before you buy from us, now or in the future.

Apply for Cyber Review

Calculate your Security ROI

CyberInsurify provides Cyber Risk Assessment platform where our Cyber risk managers continuously analyse and update an organization's security posture with the provided data, and the ongoing security program activities to fix the gaps.

How It Works

Cyber Risk is a global challenge

CyberInsurify is a trusted Cyber insurance advisors. We match the best Cyber Insurance requirements to suit your needs, which will take care of upcoming challenges. We work with diverse spectrum of clients, from start-ups to multinationals, with a particular focus on cyber-attacks.

Our Cybertise

We have International reach with local capability

Through our established network of insurers, intermediaries and in house Cyber Technical Teams. This further widens our knowledge of local markets and allows us to deliver a truly multi-national solution.

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Once you start using CyberInsurify to manage your Cyber Risks and claims files to streamline your office. You will wonder how you ever lived without things being so easy. We have made every attempt to ensure that contacting us was just as easy and have therefore provided you with various methods of contact below.


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